Wild Edge Felt

Welcome to my felting studio!

I create textiles, clothing, accessories and home decorating items in my barn studio in rural Michigan. Most of these items are made from my hand made wool felt but may also include other materials such as silk, linen, cotton and leather.

The wool I use is sourced directly from sheep farmers and American wool dealers. Fine stapled wool from Marino sheep makes excellent next-to-the-skin scarves, tops and dresses. Medium stapled wool is longer wearing and best for jackets, vests and coats. I create wool felt on a large table in my studio with liberal amounts of soap and water. My felt pieces are embellished with fibers of all kinds, my own spun and hand dyed art yarns and botanical eco prints.

Many of my items are embellished with botanical eco-prints made from plants growing on our farm. Eco prints are contact prints made by layering plant leaves on felt or silk fabric. Steam is applied causing the plant material to release its natural tannins to form leaf images on the fabric. The leaf prints left behind are unpredictable and always a lovely surprise.